world-watercolor-month-july-2016-transparent1If you haven’t done it yet, check out and join the group World Watercolor Month July 2016 on facebook.

This is going to be a great month.  Everybody is spreading water all around and sharing it with each other.  Lots of ideas, community and learning.  We’ll see what we can accomplish when we do things together.  It will be amazing to see how we grow and progress.  This has already begun in June because we couldn’t wait to get started so we practiced doing it ahead.  Now we will just have to keep practicing doing World Watercolor Month all the way through to the end of July and then why not just keep practicing it in all the months after.

This is my very first blog post on my brand new website.  I will blog my progress here as well.

P.S. 9/12/16  I had planned to blog this event but today I finally figured out how to blog and have my posts appear.  I suppose it is ok since no one yet reads my posts.  I will have to feature this event next year.  It was a great event and propelled me into a daily watercolor practice.

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