My Health Journey – #2 Making Connections

-I don’t want a quick fix, I want permanent solutions.-

#2 is about making a connection between my thoughts and my health, about loving myself.

How important am I to myself?

What are the things that influence me the most?

What do I tend to think about?

What are my attitudes?

These are important questions to ask and to spend time with.  These are things that I could write about in my journaling.

When it comes to problems with a healthy weight the real question is why?  I need to find answers to these questions.  I don’t want a quick fix, I want permanent solutions.

Spirit – Soul – Body

There is definitely a connection here.  I am one person, with a spirit, a soul, and a body. These cannot be separated.

My spirit feeds my soul, my soul takes care of my body, and my body gets things done.

I need to make the connection between my spirit (attitudes), soul (thoughts and emotions) and my body’s health and wellness.

This is so important.

My moment came when I understood that there is a connection between our attitudes, what we think about and how we feel.

Sometimes we don’t realize we are having a hurtful attitude.  I’ll come downstairs with it in the morning, not even knowing it.  I’m feeling a bit tired, maybe something hurts a bit.  For some reason something inside me feels entitled to something easier than this.  I might come down those stairs with an attitude of being beaten before I’ve even begun.  This is why worship is so important.  This is where praise is so powerful.  It can change my whole attitude.  This is where the freedom to choose is so crucial.

Now it’s time to feed the soul.  Give my emotions some real comfort.  Praise the Lord before the day gets any older.

God loves me.

If God loves me enough to die for me then why can’t I love me too?

Why am I more critical of me and everyone else than God is?

Why do I have less hope for me than God does?

Why can’t I see the valuable gifts God gave me as important and worthwhile?

These are door opening questions.

Before I start looking at food options I really have to look at attitude options.

If I don’t like myself I will have a much more difficult time taking proper care of myself.  I’m not to confuse liking myself with doing feel good things.  Feel good things may not be an act of love toward myself.  Feelings are not permanent, they change from day to day or moment to moment and sometimes many times in a day.  Like a child who wants us as parents to do it’s bidding, we have to do what is good for the child just like I have to learn to do what is best for myself.

I need to fill myself with thoughts that are happy, positive, optimistic, hopeful, generous, giving, beautiful, as a wonderful way to care for my soul and my body.

Forgiving thoughts, for myself and for others, are healing thoughts.

Worthy thoughts.

Loving Thoughts

Enjoy the moment thoughts.  Even whatever the weather thoughts.

Like a garden I want to fill it with as many good things as I can.  I really don’t want to tend a garden of dangerous, harmful plants.

Embrace good thoughts.

Let good words come out.

Write good things down, encouraging things.  Things that make you smile and things that make you laugh.

Channel your thoughts, let beauty in and beauty will come out.

When I pray for healing then God gives ideas, sends people my way, or lets me read something helpful.

Healing Thoughts

My prayer is to learn to take care of what God has given me.

Negative thoughts weigh me down and cause my body not to function properly.  They are a weight on my metabolism.  They make it hard for me to digest my food.

Prayer sets the wheels in motion.  It is the catalyst that propels us into change.  It is the inner longing and verbal expression of that longing to be more than we are and to experience what we have not yet known.


“Ask and it will be given to you;

seek and you will find;

knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Matthew 7:7


The ones who sang and those who played instruments sang,

“All my springs (inspirations) are in you.”  Psalm 87:7

It took me a long time and a lot of soul searching to write these words.  If any of this resonates with you I would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below.

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