I’ve been interested in joining an activity called ‘Creative Tuesdays‘ for a while now.  Life being what it is – busy – seems to have prevented me until now, or perhaps I needed my skills to develop a bit before being so bold, because you know, the work being done there is amazing.


The assignment this time is patterns.  I had a little trouble navigating around in the site to find the actual instructions.  I did find the assignment but still haven’t figured out the sign up or entry.  So I will do this possibly as a practice.  Unless I do find the correct buttons to participate.  Then I will participate.

Here is the piece I painted.  This is inspired by some pictures I took in the herb center of my deck and garden.  There are a number of zinnia’s which my daughter planted and some sage.  The white flowers are inspired by the many Queen Anne’s lace around.


I placed it into the computer program and came up with this amazing pattern.

I am so pleased with the outcome I just want to make more of them.

Here is a picture of the main inspiration:



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