I’m not a number or a color but a fraction in the Praise Team.
If I were a color
I would be orange,
because orange is vibrant and creative.
Not just any orange.
Not yellow orange like my pencil.
Deep, bright, sparkly orange
like a tangerine
or like the polish on my toe nails.
Technically a fraction is a number.
The bigger the Praise Team the smaller the fraction.
Everyone the same fraction,
the smaller the better.
No number one.
No middle
No big.
All the same.
All equal.
All one.
As one voice.
Close your eyes and listen.
We are one.
And when the sound of the choir
became as one voice,
then God came
as smoke
as a cloud
and filled the spaces.

I wrote this on July 10th, 2016 on the way to church.  I was having fun with Chloe and began to come up with these words.  I read it in church that morning.

2 thoughts on “One

  1. Michael says:

    REally LOVE this piece. So apt and so beautifully written. you are a very creative, talented individual. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope some people pop over through scribble picnic and come to enjoy your works too. that is wht I love blogs so much. one can say and express so much more.


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