Scribble Picnic: Octopus


Over on Dotty Hill there is a Scribble Picnic going on.  I saw that and decided to give it my best shot.  On Sunday I began to work on the “Octopus” and started with a sketch.


Next I photocopied it because it was just on ordinary sketchbook paper, pencils and crayons sketchbook paper.  Then I taped the photocopy to the front window and traced it onto heavy watercolor paper.  I still hadn’t noticed that it only has seven legs.  Oops.  How did I not see that?  I started inking it with India Ink and fine brush.  It takes time but is a really enjoyable process for me since it makes me slow down and think.  Maybe that’s when I realized that there was a missing leg.  At first I was discouraged but that didn’t last long and I simply put another leg onto the dear.  Here she is all inked:


A little obvious but not too bad.  I wanted to try a method of painting with watercolor that I admire and have wanted to try on a larger page so I found a sturdy board and taped it down.  Then I got out my Sennelier paints and soft large round hair brush and started wetting and splashing paint everywhere.  I ended up with this:


So there she is.  A very happy octopus.  I shall call her Amelia.

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This is a test.

29 thoughts on “Scribble Picnic: Octopus

  1. lissa says:

    it’s nice to read about your process, I didn’t think to use a window.

    Amelia is lovely. I like that she is this bright orange color, a very happy color. wonderful take on the theme.

    have a lovely day.


  2. Michael says:

    Hanna, how great that you tried a new way to paint it too. Looks great! i love the watery feel and am so glad you not only joined Scribble Picnic but explained your process. It works really well and anytime you paint, you are stuck with whatever you do so takes a good degree of bravery I think –especially for watercolour. I always really admire that. thank you for playing along here and on Instragram where I hope you post this too, using #scribblepincic. You are entered into the drawing for the giveaway 3 times! Good luck and thanks again. Next theme, btw, is Cabin! Enjoy this new art collective. We’re all going to meet new people along the way too, I should imagine. Great exposure! 🙂


    • hannamccown says:

      Thank you Michael. And thank you for giving us this opportunity. I’m still learning my wordpress site and this is the most action my blog has gotten yet. Haha. Scribble Picnic is fun. Yay on the entries for the drawing too. 🙂


  3. linda (dots n doodles) says:

    She definately does look like a happy lady. Love your choice of colours especially the mauve in the sea and the whole picture has a lovely loose and watery rendition. Lovely job Hanna.


    • hannamccown says:

      Your comment did go through. It always waits for me to see it in an email first. Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to come on over and see it. I’m looking forward to seeing your next weeks project. 🙂


  4. Nancy Sapp says:

    I LOVE your octopus too! Except I think it’s a HE because he has Jimmy Durante’s nose!! Love the way you watercolor painted HIM.


  5. joeks says:

    Don’t think we’d have noticed an “added” leg if you hadn’t shown us the process. Great job!
    Looks like Amelia is ready for a party!


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