Scribble Picnic: Cabin


It’s Scribble Picnic again.  This week is Cabin.  You can see all the beautiful cabin art at Scribble Picnic by clicking on the link.  This week I was thrilled to work together with my daughter Chloe.  She is eleven and also an artist/writer.  I am going to share her cabin picture first:


She used colored pencil and I found it very difficult to show the colors while brightening up the page.  So I left it less brightened so that you can see her beautiful color work.  Our gracious host, Michael McVean, has however cleaned up the original and I have placed his version here instead.  Thank  you so very much for the attention to this.  You can see her colors and lines so much better.

I started the week with a sketch:


Then I copied that only a heavy watercolor paper and once again used the Sennelier watercolors.  I thought at this point that I was also going to use ink and brush but later chose not to.

Coloring the background with a wash:


Then the flowers.  I outlined them with marker but later wished I hadn’t.  They look alright though.


I also did a background for the actual cabin.

Then the trees came in:


Finally the rest of the details:



I loved this assignment and I learned a lot from it.  Thanks to Scribble Picnic for the prompt.  Now I’m heading over to take a look at all the other beautiful cabins.




24 thoughts on “Scribble Picnic: Cabin

  1. Serena Lewis says:

    Well done, Chloe! Such a lot of detail in your cabin and beautifully coloured too. I love the chimney!

    Great take on the cabin theme, Hanna! I loved seeing the process pics. Sweet cabin and I like how you added the mountains in the background. Nice!

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  2. Janis Cox says:

    I love your cabin – the way you did the details on the end of the logs is amazing.
    Beautiful use of colour and line. There is movement in the bushes too.


  3. Michael says:

    Ooh, Hannah, your piece really took me back when I got to the end of the process images. Wow, you truly pulled it together and created a wonderful cabin illo. I love it. I think the flowers are super cute and the whole thing has a very folk art theme to it. Great job.

    now, as for Chloe’s–so impressive, esp for an 11 year old?! Look at that perspective! Way better than anything I could have done then. She must get her talents for her mama, right? She is a natural born artist! To encourage her to keep at drawing, I went ahead and examined the image in photoshop, paying attention to the “curves” to help bring it back to something closer to how it probably looks, with the colours showing more and assuming the paper itself is pretty white. I’ve loaded it here for you to replace the other image if you want or to at least show your dear Chloe. ( Bravo to her! i love it too. She did a fab job especially love those bricks!

    Thank you to the BOTH of you so much. I hope Chloe plays along too. We need kids at picnics for all their joviality.


    • hannamccown says:

      Thank you Michael. We do need kids at picnics. It’s what keeps the picnics meaningful. I want to thank you for celebrating her art. She is an artist and is my favorite critique partner, collaborator and confidante. This summer we are going to properly publish one of her books. I am changing the graphic of her cabin picture to the one that you cleaned up. Thank you again. Art does run in our family for as far back as we know. My father wrote and painted. My grandfather told stories and painted. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this picnic.


  4. Mary says:

    Love the bunny and the footprints – easy to see that Chloe has inherited your artistic gene, she did so well on this theme. ( Looked at Michael’s version too and it’s great).

    Your cabin is amazing with perfect rocking chairs awaiting visitors. Love the background trees and wheat – all really dreamy and peaceful.

    Mary –


  5. joeks says:

    I love the details you and Choe put in your paintings–the stones in the fireplace and the bunny; your curtains, rocking chairs, and the critter (goat I think?) on the mountainside!


  6. Alexandra MacVean Illustrations says:

    Your daughter did a wonderful job. Awww and so glad Michael could enhance the lighting for you so it shows her detail and color more. I LOVE her chimney!! And I ADORE the little bunny out front in the snow. SO cute! Yay for your daughter! 🙂

    Your piece is wonderful as well. Love the snow on the mountain peaks and LOVE your flowers all tucked in and cozy around your cabin. Well done! 🙂


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