Scribble Picnic – Boats

It’s been a long couple of weeks.  I had some cancer removed from my face which was not a very pleasant experience.  Then they did a skin graft to fill in the rather large hole.  I spent five days with barely any vision and used the time to color and draw, simple but expressive drawings.  I was only six pages away from finishing my book, which makes me anxious to finish and made it extra difficult to not be able to see.  During that time of quiet rest and lots of darkness, I had some very productive thoughts about my art and the direction I’m going.  One thing I noticed is that I love a certain style of expression that I have not been able to produce previously.  I am just now going to start pursuing it and today’s page is going in the right direction.

I missed Scribble Picnic two weeks in a row.  Since I am so much better now and my eyes are back to full use I am on board again and full speed on course to Publication Date, which is a not determined date.  It is however, much closer than before.  Of course.  It is on the horizon and I’m closing the gap between us with speed.  I’m watching friends and comrades arriving at their harbors and publication dates and it’s all so very exciting.  I have no clue how long the process will take nor what is all still left to do.  I’m sure there will have to be a cover and some words on the back and inside on the pre and end pages.  Some final edits and critiques from good folk.  It doesn’t matter.  We are almost there.


Are you interested in Scribble Picnic and want to check out more boat pictures? Click here.

24 thoughts on “Scribble Picnic – Boats

  1. joeks says:

    I love the little animals who are also anticipating your publication date! Do I presume they will be part of the story?
    Thankful that you were able to get the cancer dealt with. My husband (a life-long farmer who never used sunblock) has had numerous spots removed. Again, just thankful that they can do that now!

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    • hannamccown says:

      I farm too. I wear a big hat. I’m so glad they do what they do for us now a days. Yes, the animals are in the story. They are getting anxious but I’ve told them to be patient. It’s our first book and we must put our best foot forward. There is so very much to do. Thank you so much.


  2. lorraine says:

    Hanna, glad that you are doing better and are sailing along to your goals. I love your interpretation of this theme. You really made it personal and whimsical too. Good luck on the rest of the trip.


  3. Michael says:

    Hannah, so glad you are on the mends and can see properly again to create this lovely, loose piece. I think it is a great direction for you and very inviting. I love what you wrote about about taking time out whilst you were recovering, not able to see well anyway, about your art and the direction you are heading, etc. So love reading stuff like that from fellow bloggers and artists alike. So glad you have discovered an expression which is really inviting to you. Cant wait to see where it takes you too.

    Good luck with your publication. Thank you for being able to join us this week. you were missed indeed. Lovely having your piece added to our picnic collection again! Thank you!


    • hannamccown says:

      Thank you Michael. And thank you for doing Scribble Picnic. It is helping me pay attention to my blog with regular posts. It is also helping me to push myself a bit more. I thought about the way I draw when I’m not trying to be someone else, or when I’m not trying to please someone else. That’s the way I draw and that’s who I am. That’s what I need to learn to honor. It goes along with loving who you are and who you are turning out to be. Anyway, thank you so much for this opportunity and all your compliments to everybody.


  4. linda (dots n doodles) says:

    Such a sweet and charming drawing. So glad that you are on the road to recovery, it must have been a very scary time.


  5. Mary says:

    Wonderful news regarding your surgery being over Hanna – heal fast and feel really well again very soon.
    Love this illustration with the animals sailing along with the little girl, and I truly get the feeling of the port /big city on the horizon – awesome!

    Mary –


  6. Tammie says:

    Face surgery is no fun. I have had a few myself. I am so glad you are healing and that your vision has returned!

    Your painting is so fun. It feels as though they are on an adventure.


  7. Alexandra MacVean Illustrations says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of what you’ve had to deal with over the past few weeks and hope you’re up and about fully soon! This is a sweet painting, Hanna. I love the bunny and the sweetness of the little girl…waiting on the edge to reach shore and find new adventures. Hee 🙂

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  8. Serena Lewis says:

    Lovely illustration for the Boat theme, Hanna. I also wish you well on your upcoming publication.

    Good that you are healing up nicely. I had a huge wedge taken out of my upper arm due to melanoma a few years back. I was lucky that it was only Stage 1. I am fair-skinned so I do have to watch the sun…have had a few BCC’s cut out over the years and the specialist told me that a lot of it is from being sunburned as a child. My parents never knew about the dangers of skin cancer back then. We are high risk here in Australia.

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    • hannamccown says:

      Thank you Serena. We played all day outside in the rain and sun as children. No one had any idea it could be harmful. I have family in Australia. She sends pictures of beautiful ocean scenes. The children practically live in the sand. I hope to go someday. ❤


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