Scribble Picnic: Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock 25 per cent

Today’s scribble:  The Grandfather Clock.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Grandfather Clock.  They seem to appear in all the stories, especially those with mice.  When Michael listed the Grandfather Clock for today’s Scribble Picnic, it was a chance to get on Google images and look at all the wonderful Grandfather Clocks on the web.  I found one very much like this one that would fit beautifully into my home.

Second best to drawing one, in my opinion, would be building one.  I just may have to try that one day.  They are mechanical wonders after all.

To see all the other clocks coming to the picnic visit the Scribble Picnic place.  Click here.

23 thoughts on “Scribble Picnic: Grandfather Clock

  1. Mary says:

    That’s a really gorgeous clock Hanna – I could easily trade my own clock for this one!
    I love the very subtle colors you used here – it gives the clock a somewhat Scandinavian look which I would love in my home.

    Great job.
    Happy week – Mary

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  2. Cassandra Marshall says:

    Beautiful clock, Hanna! You’ve really mastered the shadows here, which is so tricky. This reminds me so much of the clock from “Beauty and the Beast” — perhaps because that movie is all over social media now (with the remake and all) but either way, it made me smile! Nicely done!

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  3. michael says:

    What? You’d want to actually build one, like Janis’ hubs did too?! Wow! I can’t imagine building anything that complicated. Hahah, even an egg cup would seem challenging to me, actually.

    Anyway, such a marvelously done piece ,Hannah. I think I saw one like this online and love how you have rendered it with your beautiful wateroclour and pen style. So great! Thank you.

    May one day you have a clock as grand as that, if not more so. 🙂 Thank you so much for the lovely picnic addition! 😀


  4. Janis Cox says:

    I love the way you painted this clock. The shadows – the black and yellow. Yes they would fit nicely into your stories for sure. And you will find out that my hubby did build one.

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    • hannamccown says:

      Thank you Janis. I saw the picture of the one your hubby built. It is beautiful. A treasure for sure. I wouldn’t have thought to paint a Grandfather Clock if it hadn’t been for the Scribble Picnic. It was so enjoyable, I’m glad I did.


  5. joeks says:

    Your clock is gorgeous! And those chains-impressive!
    Our short pendulum clock uses IIII instead of IV for the Roman numeral 4. Looking it up, there are Many different ideas out there about why that is! One has to do with visual symmetry–IIII balancing better with the VIII on the other side of the clock face. No one really has a for certain answer.
    My clock painting this round leaves much to be desired, but you could say I was a “bit distracted” while doing it!


    • hannamccown says:

      Thank you Joeks. I was just looking at more clocks and I saw what you are referring to. It’s quite interesting. I also noticed that the numbers on the lower part turn upside down which makes them a little difficult to read. When I painted mine I chose to put the numbers the way I would want them. It is all so fascinating.


  6. Serena Lewis says:

    I saw this beauty on Instagram…LOVE it! Soft effect with nice colour choices. I did the Roman numerals on mine which were quite tiny so difficult to squeeze in. I did them upside-down but wish I had done them like yours as it was a little confusing. hehe

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    • hannamccown says:

      Thank you Serena.
      The numbers were confusing and difficult to space nicely. I don’t see why they put them upside down. I think it would really bother me if I had one like that. You know I have been leaving comments on your posts, but when I go to see them I can’t find them. I wonder what happens to them? Perhaps I am posting wrong. It wouldn’t surprise me. I love your clock and the little girl reminds me of myself looking at one of those clocks many years ago. So much mystery in the clock. ❤


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