Scribble Picnic – Rabbit


It’s funny that the subject for Scribble Picnic with Michael McVean this week is Rabbit because I just happen to be playing around with possible designs for my book about Elsie Rabbit.  I scribbled this one out quickly this morning and like the yellow much better than pink, which I tried out yesterday.  Sorry for how rough it is but it is just a very small tryout done very quickly between loads of laundry and other very ordinary tasks.  Thank you so much for reading.  Check out more rabbits at Scribble Picnic by following this link.  here

22 thoughts on “Scribble Picnic – Rabbit

  1. michael says:

    Hannah, any time you can combine efforts — go for it! As I mentioned on your instagram, Yes, I like the yellow better. Looking forward to seeing this all put together. At least you have the sketch down! Thanks for sharing it and including that with this theme. Perfect! If you need any direction on laying out the text, once you’ve done that, feel free to ask. I;m happy to consult and can give you some pointers perhaps.

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    • hannamccown says:

      Thank you so much Michael. I hope you will not mind me taking you up on that. I have not made a children’s book cover before and appreciate all the pointers I can get. I did make covers for a boring grown up publication when I was younger but I was not working on my own projects then, and had to work to other people’s standards. Doing this book is so much more fun but sometimes scary being all on my own with it. That’s why I love this on-line community so much. Today I am spreading children’s books out all over the house, table and spare room beds etc to inspect all the different titles and letterings, layouts, fonts, etc. Thanks so much for your encouragement.


    • hannamccown says:

      Thank you Mary. It has been a fun journey and when it’s done I’ll have to start again with a new story because I don’t think I’ll know how to live now without this process.


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