Dance Again

For Jenny

Stand up.
Go outside.
Take a walk
And breathe in the scent of the earth.
Breathe in the scent of all living things
the aliveness of the soil
and the spirit of Existence.

Stand up.
Go outside
When it is dark
And look at the sky.
Breathe in the expanse
the depth and the soul of all that is.
The power and peace that rests in the stars
and the the silence of darkness.

Stand up.
Go outside
Leave your grief
Breathe in the mighty presence
of all that lives
Breathe in the strength
Until your sorrow
Is overcome
And your heart strings beat again.

Listen to the music
Of all that is.
Of the earth and the wind
and whispering weeds
Of the sky and the stars and the deep
Listen to the song of life
That fills the sky in the day
And woos the soul at night.

Stand up.
Go outside
Breathe out
the tension
the worries and fears
Breathe out
The complaints the guilt and excuses
Breathe in the strength the love and peace.
Until you are full
Of love and life and hope
And your soul dances again.

written by hanna mccown

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