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Beach days

beans and peaches

birthdays and difficult goodbyes.

Cheer me up with


One bean led to another and likewise with the peaches.

Jam was sweet and snapping beans a much needed down-time.

Grandpa must have his favorite cake as he has turned 81.

Being that age scares him and makes him sit in his chair.

It was hard to say good-bye to my oldest and her two children.

They are joining our Joanna out West as opportunity for a better life awaits them there.

We comforted ourselves by taking supper to the lake and later buying the gladioli for the dining room.

Flowers wilt and die but the cheer they bring lasts for a while. About a week and then I’m looking for new ones.

Art projects experiments and trials, letting ideas flow.  The color green challenges and pushes me, but I love the way India Ink looks on watercolor.





I am delighted with the response to my online shops.





These are just a few the items I’ve created for Spoonflower, Redbubble and Society6.

Cover graphicElsie’s Easter is still making her way into homes around the world. It is an amazing feeling knowing that Elsie is so loved. If you would like a copy you can still get one here.

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