Dance Again

For Jenny

Stand up.
Go outside.
Take a walk
And breathe in the scent of the earth.
Breathe in the scent of all living things
the aliveness of the soil
and the spirit of Existence.

Stand up.
Go outside
When it is dark
And look at the sky.
Breathe in the expanse
the depth and the soul of all that is.
The power and peace that rests in the stars
and the the silence of darkness.

Stand up.
Go outside
Leave your grief
Breathe in the mighty presence
of all that lives
Breathe in the strength
Until your sorrow
Is overcome
And your heart strings beat again.

Listen to the music
Of all that is.
Of the earth and the wind
and whispering weeds
Of the sky and the stars and the deep
Listen to the song of life
That fills the sky in the day
And woos the soul at night.

Stand up.
Go outside
Breathe out
the tension
the worries and fears
Breathe out
The complaints the guilt and excuses
Breathe in the strength the love and peace.
Until you are full
Of love and life and hope
And your soul dances again.

written by hanna mccown

Scribble Picnic – Ladder

It’s Scribble Picnic again.  This week is ladder.  I noticed that my Instagram account had received a following of over 400 people.  It’s pretty amazing and really cool for me.  I love seeing all the work being posted over there and love the interaction I’ve been having.  It’s an inspiring place to go at the end of the day, or just before I get ready to draw or paint in my journal.  I love Scribble Picnic as well.  I’m meeting folks over here that are also on Instagram and it’s a lot of fun to share, see all the art work, learn to pay compliments and give encouragement as well as to get it.  Scribble Picnic is a fun thing to do.  If you are interested in it and haven’t been there yet then click on this link.  Here.20170419_144040small

Painted on Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Sketchbook paper with Sennelier professional artist watercolor paint and penned with Pigma Micron Archival Ink.    These are Amazon Affiliate links.  This is where I buy most of my supplies.

Scribble Picnic – Rabbit


It’s funny that the subject for Scribble Picnic with Michael McVean this week is Rabbit because I just happen to be playing around with possible designs for my book about Elsie Rabbit.  I scribbled this one out quickly this morning and like the yellow much better than pink, which I tried out yesterday.  Sorry for how rough it is but it is just a very small tryout done very quickly between loads of laundry and other very ordinary tasks.  Thank you so much for reading.  Check out more rabbits at Scribble Picnic by following this link.  here

Scribble Picnic: Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock 25 per cent

Today’s scribble:  The Grandfather Clock.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Grandfather Clock.  They seem to appear in all the stories, especially those with mice.  When Michael listed the Grandfather Clock for today’s Scribble Picnic, it was a chance to get on Google images and look at all the wonderful Grandfather Clocks on the web.  I found one very much like this one that would fit beautifully into my home.

Second best to drawing one, in my opinion, would be building one.  I just may have to try that one day.  They are mechanical wonders after all.

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Scribble Picnic – Boats

It’s been a long couple of weeks.  I had some cancer removed from my face which was not a very pleasant experience.  Then they did a skin graft to fill in the rather large hole.  I spent five days with barely any vision and used the time to color and draw, simple but expressive drawings.  I was only six pages away from finishing my book, which makes me anxious to finish and made it extra difficult to not be able to see.  During that time of quiet rest and lots of darkness, I had some very productive thoughts about my art and the direction I’m going.  One thing I noticed is that I love a certain style of expression that I have not been able to produce previously.  I am just now going to start pursuing it and today’s page is going in the right direction.

I missed Scribble Picnic two weeks in a row.  Since I am so much better now and my eyes are back to full use I am on board again and full speed on course to Publication Date, which is a not determined date.  It is however, much closer than before.  Of course.  It is on the horizon and I’m closing the gap between us with speed.  I’m watching friends and comrades arriving at their harbors and publication dates and it’s all so very exciting.  I have no clue how long the process will take nor what is all still left to do.  I’m sure there will have to be a cover and some words on the back and inside on the pre and end pages.  Some final edits and critiques from good folk.  It doesn’t matter.  We are almost there.


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Scribble Picnic: Umbrella

I think I just squeezed in to the Scribble Picnic for this week.  I’m working so hard to get my book finished this month that I almost didn’t do the Picnic this week.  But I discovered that a watercolor scribble is really what it is all about and that I can do that between pages.  Glaze after glaze.  I love this kind of painting.  It seems to emerge gradually over the course of the day.  I used only two colors.  They must be true compliments because they make a beautiful gray together.  So without further ado, here it is.

Umbrella 50

My Party

I have this big party

going on inside of me,

with all the bells and whistles.

It is so big

I can hardly contain it.

I want to share it with everyone,

but there is nothing to say.

It is just a feeling inside me.

Something I read, or

something exciting I was thinking about.

I could just burst.

But I can’t tell you about it because it will seem dumb to you.

So I will just enjoy it,

this big party,

all by myself.